Reception room

Are you planning a special event?

Are you organising a wedding, an anniversary, an office party, or a business meeting? Le Riverain Bowling Alley has a spacious room to rent. It’s the perfect place for a memorable get together.

Our Services

  • Reception Room Rental

    Our reception room, which fits up to 100 people, is just right for small or large gatherings.

  • Meet with Our Staff Before Your Event

    Here at Le Riverain, our staff listen carefully to what our customers want, and we make it happen. No bad surprises!

  • Food Service

    Le Riverain has a cook on site. All you need to do is choose the menu!

  • Decorations

    Don’t have enough time to decorate the room? Our team will do it for you. Balloons, centerpieces, chair and table dressings…anything you need to create a festive atmosphere.

  • DJ and Entertainment

    Quizzes, songs, games…Le Riverain Bowling Alley has many entertainment options to choose from!

  • For information, or to make a reservation, contact our hostess: Céline Malo at 450 635-0660.